New Year, Same Problems

It may be a new year, but the troubles of 2010 are still with us.  Health wise, things are getting slowly better.  Had horrific water retention (adema) from about November, this has turned out to be in part due to anemia (low iron count).  Thankfully though, there is an alternative to Ferrous Sulphate; which always made me throw up.  Touch wood seems to be working, with less problems with legs that look like pit props.

On the Warmachine from, I have almost finished the Trollbloods.  I’ll post up some picks later, but I am proud of the work that I have done on them.  I also took part in a Steamroller on Sunday (16th Jan), where I came 2nd to last.  I am improving, but I have decades to catch up with some of the players in Scotland.  Looking forward to the next one, which will probably be March now.

In other news, I am supposed to be going to Tunisia in March.  Sadly, it seems the country isn’t quite ready for me; with riots and civil unrest occurring.  Seriously though, I hope it settles by the time we leave; though I can’t see it being any worse then Glasgow on a Saturday night after an Old Firm derby.

Other then that, living in general is just over-priced these days.  With VAT rising, but no pay rises; things are getting to the desperate stage with some people.  Even basics like utilities, food and a roof over your head; is getting beyond the means of some.  It’s getting to the point that I am actually thinking about going back to work, part time of course; but enough to cover the weekly expenses we need each month.

What really gets my blood boiling though, is this business of bankers bonuses.  They are quite happy to let this country (and the world to some extent) go to hell; just so they can line their pockets.  NO ONE is worth 2.6 million bonus, especially someone who has done nothing to make his company better.  Stephen Hester, has shown that he is not in control of his company; with £2.8m fine for customer complaints.  Realistically that is £2.8 million from the tax-payers coffers, not his pocket; seeing as RBS is government owned now.  So he can completely ignore 20% VAT, his £2.6 million bonus and more then likely pay rise higher then inflation; will be more then enough to see him through austerity.  While the rest of the UK suffers austerity, for their mistakes.  They say there is justice in the world, if that is justice; I want a one way ticket off this planet.


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