New Year

Another year gone and the prospect of another year ahead. I can’t say 2010 was actually a bad year for me.  Health wise it wasn’t the best, but then I put that in part to the tremendous amount of things I did.  From being part of Shotgun or Grapple podcast, which is one of my best life experiences.  It opened up so many doors for me, that it has left me wondering; how I found the time for it all.  There was also catching the Warmachine bug, which has just exploded into a monster at the end of 2010.  From the small Cryx boxset in June, I have now amassed 3 different factions; in the region of 40 – 50 miniatures.  I have enough now for both Mercenaries and Cryx 25 point armies, with Trollbloods coming up in the New Year.  But its not all been fun, there have been some sadder moments.  Like my daughter heading off to Canada to live, starting her own life out there.  She’s doing well though, which is a consolation of sorts.

So what does 2011 hold for me, at the moment it’s continuing the Warmachine frenzy of last year.  Kicking off a league at the new shop in Livingston, followed by a small tournament in February.  Not to mention going to tournaments in Perth, Kirkcaldy and Dundee, where I will endeavour to re-claim my wooden spoon title.  I am also going to start pushing the promoting of my painting service (Battle Dragon), which I kind of started last year.  It might not make much money, but it will hopefully keep me supplied with Warmachine and Hordes goodies.  I have a wedding to attend as well, so that is always a great occasion to celebrate.   I will also be going on holiday to Tunisia, which I am so looking forward too; especially after this crippling winter we have just suffered.

It just remains to say Happy 2011 to everyone, lets hope it is a good one.

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