Protests and Snow

Well the snow is still here, but at least we aren’t up to our necks in it.  The last two weeks have been a struggle, both health wise and physical demands.  Hopefully that will be the worst of it, until the spring; I don’t think I could handle another two weeks like that.

Mind you, there has been lots to occupy me.  Students whinging in London, to the point that they become violent and destructive.  Someone has commented, that it’s the police and governments fault; for using methods that incite those people.  Frankly I buy that with a pinch of salt, you have to let it get to you; for it to be effective.  Knowing what they are doing, then ignoring it; negates the effects it’s supposed to have.  Besides, given the mentality of some people; what else can they expect.  They go to these demonstrations, mob mentality builds; until you have a seething mass of hatred and resentment.  It doesn’t need any police methods to kick that kind of cauldron of bitterness over.  They feel put upon, neglected and abused; so naturally they are going to direct that in the one direction they can actually see – The Police.  Rightly their anger should be directed at those who slight them, not the faceless defenders of EVERYONE’S HUMAN RIGHTS.  So to the protestors who say the police are abusing them, what about the abuse your committing on me?  Do I not have the right to walk the streets, free of being dragged into your protest?  Can I please have the right to freedom of speech, to admonish all protests as pointless and reckless.  Lastly, the right to take my stand in the way that doesn’t endanger anyone else; no matter who they are or represent.

So for all those protestors in England, did you not learn one thing from Scotland and the Poll Tax?  Evidently you forget that it wasn’t your rioting that stopped it, it was the fact that a whole nation; told Maggie Thatcher to F*** Off.  For 12 months, Scotland was held to ransom; before England got it.  Yet not one riot occured, not one seriously violent demonstration was seen; give it to England and you trash the place like 6 yo’s.


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