Snow Joke Anymore….

Scotland has been under the hammer of snow now for 5 days straight, resulting in chaos to everything.  That however isn’t the worst of it, the worst is the effect it will be having on people’s health.

I have a congenital heart defect, something that I have never let interfere with my quality of life.  However, this last week has put a serious strain on my condition; to the point that I am making myself ill.  Why am I doing this?  Well its all to do with necessity and the views of employers these days.  You see, employers expect you in work; no matter what.  That is what they are paying you for after all.  So an employee feels obligated, sometimes even pressured to put themselves at risk to get into work.  In this case, while I am not the one who works; I do drive my wife to work 12 miles away.  I know 12 miles doesn’t sound like much, but consider this.  To get her into work at 9am, given the snow recently and how long it takes to clear the car; I leave the house at 6.30am.  6.30am, just to give me an hour and half to clear the car, so that we can then spend another hour (if we are lucky) getting to Edinburgh.

I say ‘if we are lucky’, because we could get stuck in our own bloody street.  No plows have been to any side streets in West Lothian, meaning there is as much snow on the roads; there is in your back garden.  So employers, instead of making your employee’s feel guilt and shame; for not getting into work.  Think about how you would feel in their position, better yet; if you can get to work give them a lift.

Oh one last thing, to all the people in Sedgebank, Ladywell.  You are all the most fantastic people I know, clearing the road by hand.  Yep a gang of guys, went from one end of the street with snow shovels and spades; doing the job a plow should have been doing.  Congratulations West Lothian Council on a crap job again this year.


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