Best laugh of the day

Sitting at the lights at Hermiston Gait Roundabout (heading towards the M8), behind a police car.  Watching a car jump a red light right in front of us (slip road from the bypass), with the police car waiting till the lights went green; to chase him down.

Traffic Fine – £60

3 points on licence – expensive if it loses his licence.

Being there to see it – Priceless.

Serves the idiot right, sadly not enough of them are caught; to make it a deterrant against being an idiot with a 1 ton weapon.  As an amusing caveat to this, I find it funny in the morning, seeing all these people speeding along the road, impatient and forcefully pushing their way to their destination.  It makes me wonder, what job makes them that desperate to get to work?  I know I wouldn’t want to get to work any sooner then I had to, let along risk killing myself or someone else by driving irresponsibly.


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