It’s nearly here…..

…yep that horrid time of year, called Christmas.  You can call me Scrooge or Humbug, but I loath this time of year.  Some of you will say its because I have lost the spirit of Christmas or that I don’t have kids.  Anyone who reads this blog, knows I have two great daughters; both of whom I would do anything for.  As for the spirit of Christmas, do any of you actually know the true history of Yuletide in Britain?

So why do I loath it?  I hate it, because it is nothing; absolutely nothing to do with the traditional celebration of Yule.  I realise that to some this will be blasphemous, but Paganism was around a lot longer then Christianity in Britain.  Anyway, Yule for those who actually care was the celebration of the the longest night (Winter Solstice); but also the beginning of the longer days.  It was a celebration of renewel and rebirth, for joy of the year just past and the one just beginning.

Christmas now in the 21st century, is just an excuse for retailers and corporations to commercialise the whole affair; to line their pockets.  Eco-friendly Cristmas cards, sent by the ton load; thrown away just as quickly.  Mountains of food bought, thrown away just as easily.  Millions spent on ungrateful brats, who just discard their toys after a few days/weeks; which parents worked hard to pay for.

In these economic times, people need to realise that love, respect and gratitude; can’t be bought from a shop.  It has to be shown in the giving of a gift, with thought and foresight to the person receiving it.  That is why, every single year my wife and I have been married; I make her one present with my own hands.


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