Battle Report – 24/11, Battleshed

Well another great, but chilly game tonight.  On the board we had the usual Cryx on Cryx match up, only this time I was playing Denny and MacSver had Asphyxious.

My line up – Denny, Stalker, 2 x Rippers, 2 x Nightwretches, McThralls, Warwitch Siren and Skarlock Thrall.
Macsver – Gaspy, Slayer, Reverent Cannon Crew, McThralls + Brute Thrall U/A, Bane Thralls + Bane Lord Tartarus, Bile Thralls and Necrosurgeon + Stitch Thralls.

Running the Convergence scenario from Steamroller, I went first with Denny in middle; bone chickens on the wings and the mcthralls screening Denny/Slayer/WW Siren & Skarlock.  Running all bonejacks, mcthralls and slayer; the rest advanced along behind.  With so many infantry, it was key to take out as many as possible quickly.  Macsver ran his Mcthralls and banes,while the rest advanced along behind.  Control are was starting to get crowded now, with both sets of McThralls at a mexican stand off; while the banes and my right flank bonejacks glared at each other across the battlefield.

Turn two, taking a big risk; I charge his Mcthralls with mine.  Taking out 3 of them, it is still too many for the moment.  Denny activates, advances at a walk and casts Crippling Grasp on the Slayer, then popping her feat to make half Macsver’s army a lot easier to hit.  Left flank Ripper charges the Slayer, doing a little damage.  Just before the left flank Wretch, sends a nice bolt of corrosion into Gaspy; the Skarlock activates to cast Crippling Grasp on Gaspy.  This lets the Wretch hit, hurting Gaspy badly (9 points of damage).  On the right flank, the ripper and slayer, get stuck into the Bane Thralls, killing a couple; with the Wretch just missing out on another.  The risk mentioned at the start, is that Denny is now within the control zone.  Well within range of the Cannon Crew and Gaspy’s spells.

As predicted, the Cannon fired; thankfully not doing any damage.  Gaspy on the other hand, did hurt her a bit; doing a similar 9 points of damage on her with Breath of Corruption.  The Banes weren’t holding up well against the bonejacks, with their high DEF.  Having weapon master is ok, but you have to hit the things first; which was proving difficult.  McThralls were as expected, knocking lumps out of each other.  With the Bile Thralls close in behind, it prevented support from them; so was directed at the slayer and left flank wretch.  The poor Skarlock, thinking to make a dash into range of Denny, got a straight arm smash to the face from the McThrall free strike.  Warning to all, remember melee ranges when trying to get past enemy models.

Turn 4, things seemed to be going well.  The Mcthralls on both sides were gone, mop up was taking out the Banes.  Gaspy had both the Skarlock and the left flank Wretch to worry about, while his Slayer had been knocked down by Denny with Scourge.  As they say however, the best laid plans of mice and men.  With some clever tactical play, Macsver was able to stand up his Slayer using focus and then advance to smack her upside the head.  Caster kill and Macsver has finally graduated from Padiwan to Paditwo.  Thanks again for tonight and I look forward to the next match up, which hopefully will be Mercs.


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