Mixed bag

Been a while since I last did anything on my blog, mostly because I have been so busy with painting miniatures.  With some time to spare, I thought I would put some thoughts down about the world around me.

Students protested all over the UK today, because they think the Lib Dems went back on their pledge to veto tuition fees increases.  Reading some of the reports, it makes me wonder how they even got into University in the first place.  Unless they missed the General Election, then I hate to inform them that the Lib Dems didn’t win.  We have in the UK a Coalition Government, that means one party has ultimate control of the country.  In this case the Tories, so how can the Lib Dems have gone against their promises; when you the student aren’t in those meetings.  Did you hear Nick Clegg agreeing wholeheartedly with David Cameron on this issue?  How do you know he didn’t fight it tooth and nail, on your behalf?  Any self respecting adult in the UK, should know the Tories will shaft the little man; till they bleed no more.  They won’t give a toss what some pipsqueak called Nick Clegg thinks or wants.

Happy to say I never went to University, the life lessons I have learned over the years; have been more invaluable to me then any bit of paper.  That said, if my initial dreams of high school had borne fruit; I would probably have been to Uni and working in a lab somewhere by now.  Science always appealed to me, especially Chemistry; thanks to a great teacher called Mr Newby (Alloa Academy). It’s probably why I like shows like CSI and Mythbusters.

Talking of TV, I know I shouldn’t really be saying this; but I hate X Factor……but can’t stop watching it.  This has to be the worst season ever, with some of the worst sing……crooners on the planet.  Don’t even get me started on Vagner, especially if he does the proposed Radiohead ‘Creep’ this weekend.  I thought the Italian Pansy Nicollo had the biggest ego, but Vagner beats him hands down.  Of the rest, Cher and Katie the Weasle annoy the hell out of me.  I hate Cher, but she can really sing; which it totally ruined with doing Wannabe Gangsta Rap.  Her version of Shakespears Sister ‘Stay’, was fantastic.  Katie I can see why people hate her, she is a failed wannabe, who is only in there because ITV spent a lot of money on her.  People don’t like to see their money wasted, so when Cheryl (the WAG Witch of Britain) fails to vote or Louis saves the unpopular one; they feel cheated.  However the biggest problem with X Factor, isn’t the singers; its the psychological manipulation of the Great British Public by ITV and the producers.  They know just which buttons to press, to make people watch every week; even though they hate the show.

So on that note, I think that is enough for one night.  I should have some pictures of new mini’s painted next time.


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