Worlds @ War

Despite the cold day, today has been a good day. Worlds @ War opened its doors to the world today, so naturally being a gamer I was there. I was pleasantly surprised by the shop, which had many years ago been a taxi control room. I remember it being small, dark and dingy. The work that Frank has put into it, has made it bright and inviting to players and customers. Yes, there is even gaming space; with space enough for four 4′ by 4′ games of Warmachine/Hordes running at the same time.

Having spoken to Frank previously, with the help of my fellow WM player Tim; we ran a 25 point game to demo it. While it wasn’t busy, there was interest in it; with several sales of WM battleboxes being made. I am judging on people I know, but I figure there is enough interest in WM/H to get a league going at the shop soon. With interest being shown at Battleground Livingston as well, this time next year I could see an official Privateer Press tournament happening regularly in Livingston. It could even be me running it, if my hopes of becoming a Press Ganger bare fruit. Though being a Press Ganger, they would have to be a pear; so I can play like I have a pear.


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