Busy Week Ahead

Well as the title says, I have a busy week coming up.  Tomorrow, I have roleplaying in the evening, though thankfully nothing during the day.  I’ll need to be rested, as the car is in for its service on Tuesday.  Having the car is great, but having to take it into Edinburgh to have it serviced is a real pain in the ass.  I am virtually stuck there, until they get it done.  So that means either hanging about, which isn’t a problem for me; or catching the bus into Edinburgh.  As I can’t abide Edinburgh, I’d rather stick around the garage.

Wednesday I am thinking of going to the cinema to see either Legend of the Guardians or Burke & Hare.  Saw the trailer for B&H tonight and was in stitches, at just the thought of Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg in the same film.  Both of them great british actors, with some great comedian talents. This is like the Jet Li and Jackie Chan match up of Comedy, that I have always dreamed of.

Couple of days rest, then its off to Dundee on Sunday for my next Warmachine tournament.  I have a lot more mini’s then I did last time, some of which I have mentioned already.  I am sadly, still waiting on my Mechanithralls; which hasn’t impressed me much.  I had hoped to have them, painted them and ready for next weekend.  I think I’ll have to cancel the order and order something different.


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