American Ebay Sellers

Just dropped into Ebay, looking to see what bargains I could pick up.  Found a couple of good deals on some Cryx mini’s, already painted.  Get all excited, then find out its one of those auctions.  Yep, its our cheap ass american cousins; unwilling to sell to anyone other then American’s.

What is the problem with these people, do they think all of us are bad buyers?  There are plenty of people stung by dodgy sellers from the States, but we still buy from them (when they sell outside the dictatorship).

So for Ebay Seller zombiepimplover, you just lost the right to my bidding on your auctions.  Thus increasing your revenue, from all your hard work and efforts.  From the looks of the auctions, you’ll be lucky to cover the selling fees; given the extortion £bay carry out on those.  BTW, any US sellers willing to ship to the UK; good for you.  At least you can see the sense in an open and competitive market.


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