Haven’t posted anything in the last week, as it has been just so manic.  Between worry for my mother in law and trying to get life back on track after the podcast; I’ve kind of felt adrift for a short while.

Now I am back though, with some very interesting news; from several quarters.  The first up, is that I am turning my miniature painting skills into a job.  I have spoken to the owner of the new gaming shop in Livingston, about offering a painting service in store.  I won’t be painting in the shop, but I will have a portfolio available and a fly/poster up in the shop.  Probably like some painters, I have never been taught how to paint; I learned as I went along.  Over the years I have resisted the notion that I am any good, until recently; when I looked at some of the mini’s I painted previously.  There is a marked improvement, with ones done now; being cleaner and less ‘cluttered’.  Suffice to say, I feel I have the confidence now to offer those services to others.  I also have the speed to paint quickly and cleanly, that is needed to make this work.

The other piece of news, is that I have been asked indirectly anyway; whether I would be willing to write articles for a gaming magazine.  Not just one page though, this would be a two page spread in a magazine called The Ancible.  Originally this was a printed publication, but due to the financial market; it has had to revert to an online pdf version.  I’ve actually met the guys that produce this, so its not like I am walking into this blind.  It’s an interesting prospect, which I am honoured to be asked to join.  Even just sitting here now, I haven’t a clue what I would write about, except for my (semi) newest passion – Warmachine and Hoards.

Well better go, I have to hunt down some matte varnish for my mini’s.  I seem to have nearly used it all, with my prolific painting frenzy recently.  Just one more Stalker to paint, then I just have to wait for the Mechanithralls.


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