Good News

Despite the horrid week I have had, there is some good news to come along.  My mother in law is doing well and recovering from surgery, so that is a little weight off our minds.  My daughter in Canada was named Employee of the Month, which is pretty good; as she has only been working there just over a month.

The wife and I are also putting the finishing touches to our ‘bolt-hole’ for the winter.  After the horrendous weather we had last year, we decided to move most of our comforts upstairs.  I now have a painting and gaming area, while she has a crafting/beading area.  We have pc’s and tv’s we can watch, the only thing missing is the kettle.  It is also warmer, without having to spend a fortune on heating or lighting.

Some of the people who read this, will probably know I was part of a podcast.  Due to differences of opinion, this has sadly ended.  The podcast is no more and find myself torn with regret over it.  I find myself wondering what I am going to do now, as I am tired of politics and bullshit ego’s getting in the way of gaming.  I think for now, I will take a break from gaming; using the time to build up my knowledge of Warmachine/Hoards and painting miniatures.  Whatever happens, I am not giving up gaming altogether; as I love it too much.


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