It’s done….

Feeling like shit this morning, have had about 3 hours sleep and this morning has just started off in the worst way possible.

My mother in law is in hospital just now, for whatever reason they took her down to theater at midnight.  It’s been a worrying time for both my wife and I, living so far away; you feel helpless.  2am, we couldn’t take any more, went to bed to try and sleep; but failed at that miserably.

Then after hearing the good news she was fine, I learned the news that has I think cost me a great friend.  It’s all through my own stupidity, which got a little carried away.  I just sometimes think some people need to loosen up a little.  It has also ruined, one of the best things that I have ever been part of; so now I just feel gutted I could be so stupid.

Difference between people happen, but to close up and not talk about it; is perhaps the worst thing to do.  It causes mistrust and builds resentment, which is part of the problem here.  I saw things that as an individual felt insulting to me and others.  I handled it wrong I admit, but I don’t regret making my feelings known.  I have shown how I feel, honestly and without any bullshit evasions for the persons feelings.  Perhaps that is the wrong approach, but frankly diplomacy is all about lies and deceit in my book.  Like the statement on this blog “If you don’t like what I say, tell me; make me change my mind or view point”  It’s not like I will be offended by it, heck I might even agree with you; but you won’t know will you unless you tell me.

Well anyway, I’m just sorry for one person in this whole sorry mess; he has been caught up in this and has since ditched his dream.  If he reads this, I’m sorry mate; I really am.


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