Language is a funny thing on the net, without the visual clues to guide us; we can sometimes take things the wrong way. Emoticons are supposed to help this, but they are antiquated and sometimes pointless. Also the structure of a sentence, can tell us a lot about the person writing it.

As part of my job with the podcast, I review systems and supplements from publishers. One of the things that I am conscious about, is not to personalise it; or give any opinion that will influence the reader.

Being part of a team, using terms like ‘I’ and ‘Me’; is insulting to my fellow crew members. It makes it look like they have had nothing to do with what we are doing. Irrespective if I am the only one doing the review, I represent Shotgun or Grapple podcast. We are a team, as such anything I personally do is an expression of the team. We are all in this together, to help promote gaming; for the benefit of everyone. I never look for credit for idea’s or suggestions, I consider that part of the job. So in anything I post publicly (other then this personal blog), I will try hard not to make it seem about me; me me me me me. Good or bad, what one person in the team does in the public domain; will reflect on the rest of us.


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