Painting & Modelling

Took a lovely trip with the wife, up to Perth at the weekend. Primarily to go to Intrepidations (, the gaming shop run by Ken Laidlaw; who we interviewed recently.

While there I spent the vouchers I won in the Warmachine competition there. I bought the Forces of Cryx book, as well as some Mk1 version Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders. The one good thing about Warmachine, is that even though we are into Mk II; the mini’s are still valid for gameplay. Unlike CCG’s, were some cards become illegal; Privateer Press just issued new card decks for the units already released. I am slowly building up my Cryx army, trying concentrate on Units and Solo’s just now, as I have nearly all Bone Jacks and couple of Helljacks. Next thing on the agenda is Bane Thralls and probably some Mechanithralls.

Anyway, to the painting. I did about 20 minutes of painting altogether today, working on the last Nightwretch. On the modelling side, I finished the base for the miniature I bought for my wife at the Games Expo (

Waiting for glue to dry, can be the most boring part of mini painting/modelling. So while I waited, I put the first part of my idea for Blackbane into action. Taking some wire, that I normally use for pinning; I drilled a hole in the base. Made a twist of wire underneath, then superglued it to the base. With about 2 inches of wire pushed through, I then cut it down; so that Blackbane (already drilled) could sit on the wire. It would hopefully, when finished make him look like he is floating above the base. I intend to use some water effect gel, to ‘mask’ the wire; while giving it the added illusion of ethereal forces keeping him aloft.

Also on my painting table just now, is Skarlock Thrall and Lich Lord Asphyxious; which I am painting for a friend. Not to mention the rest of Blackbane’s unit, plus the Talisman miniatures I intend to paint at some point. Guess I will be busy, until the new year at the very least.


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