Moron Monday

I don’t know what it is about some people, perhaps it is just stupidity; or maybe its just arrogance.  Today was a frankly dangerous day to be on the roads, with some truly stupid people.  I swear most of the idiots are either blind, illiterate or just mentally stupid.  My top 5 pet hates of idiot drivers –

1) Failing to signal, like this is really hard to remember.

2) Tail-gaiting, my favourite kind of driver.  Impatience kills, so if your going to kill someone; it won’t be because a tail-gaiter bullied me into going faster.  So its a shame, when I decide to drive 10 mph under the speed limit; because I am forced to drive sensibly for the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

3) Speeders, biggest money/time wasters in the world.  So you might get there faster, but at what cost?  Pulled over, you will gain points and possible fine.  You could even kill someone, though sadly never seems to be the one speeding.  You could also lose control of the car, I don’t care who good you THINK you are; you aren’t that good if a wheel comes off at 80 – 90 mph.  Not to mention the waste of fuel, there there is the wear and tear on the car; breaking heavily over revving the engine.  More money then sense, which is probably why they drive like that in the first place – Arrogance.

4) Lane Hoppers, you know the ones; they can’t make up their mind.  They see one lane is moving, so jump in that one.  Then the other lane is moving faster, so they force themselves back into the first one.

5) Blind/Illiterate Drivers, these are the ones that won’t or can’t read road signs.  These are to me the most accident prone ones of all, because they will cut you up; without a thought.  If you are in the right lane, DON’T let them force their way in.  They are the ones in the wrong, if they made a genuine mistake, tough shit; should have read the sign better.  It is better to go with the flow of traffic, in the wrong lane, then force other drivers to correct your mistake.

Honourable mention – Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane of the Motorway.  Doing 50 – 60 in the fast lane, is the quickest way for irritate everyone; including those in the inside lane.  Sitting behind a slow car in the inside lane, waiting for a slow driver to overtake is just waiting for an accident.

So to the driver that cut me up, crossing from outside lane to Jct 2 sliproad on the M8; you earned yourself the Biggest Monday Moron award today.  Next time you want to come off the motorway at 85 – 90mph, check to see if there is a car on the inside lane; I would have hated to ruin my car with your face.


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