Off to War

Well I am just getting ready to go to Kirkcaldy, where I will be playing in a small Warmachine tournament.  I have to say that I am really enjoying the game, its quick and lots of fun; which is not something I can say about many wargames.

Recently Mantic released the Beta set of Rules for Kings of War, which is to accompany their great range of miniatures.  From initial reading of the rules, it will also be a quick and simple ruleset.  So I am perhaps looking to try that in the future as well.

So what am I taking with me today?  For those that know Warmachine, my faction of choice is Cryx; the corrupted and blighted land of undead.  Its not just about the Undead, I love the fluff behind the Cryx, that they are ruled by Toruk; the Dragonfather.  Having a love of dragons anyway, this was the only choice for me.

As this is a 15 point steamroller, I have been a little constrained by my own miniatures.  So I have borrowed some of a friend for the day.  The main force I will use is –

Goreshade the Bastard


Nightwretch x 2


Brute Thrall

With the addition of Goreshade’s feat, I can add a unit of Bane Thralls as well.  Only Goreshade and the Wretches are mine, so this will be interesting in that I have never used the other units.

I’m doubt I will win any games, but that is never my goal when playing.  I am just off to have some fun and play a few games.


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