Battle Report from 15pt Steamroller

Owning very few (read as None) units or solos, one of our other Cryx players was kind enough to lend me some of his. Several of them he only got this week, so we spent Friday night putting them together.

Goreshade the B’strd
Seether (not mine)
Mechanithralls (not mine)
Brute Thrall (not mine)

I faced Khador first game, with The Butcher warcaster. First time I had faced this caster, also the last time I want to face him. He is so nasty, he makes Scorcha seem like a pussy cat. Made a few mistakes, but I would have lost anyway.

Second game should have been against Caz (KoA Painter), but he was running the Magic booster draft; so pulled out giving everyone a bye.

Third game against Mercs, which I messed up right royally. One thing I learned from Perth, check what your opponent is running. I didn’t do this, so tactically I messed up; by taking out something that I thought was the warcaster. Turned out it wasn’t, so left Goreshade hanging in the wind. It was a case of Kill or Be Killed, between the two warcasters. Two points of damage out from killing his caster, with nothing left to activate or use. Idiot!!!

Forth game was an interesting one against Circle forces, but one that I messed up tactically again. Though this time it was because I forgot to trigger Goreshade’s feat; summoning his Bane Thralls. Goreshade had just charged and ripped the Feral Warpwolf a new one; with the Seether killing it. Just before the Seether activated, I should have triggered the feat. As it was, my opponent broke melee on both Laris and Warpwolf Stalker; to charge Goreshade killing him.

Last game, against Trollbloods; with Madrak warcaster. Having never faced these before, it was nice learning what they could do. In particular, is the Pyre Troll; which is flammable causing fire damage in melee. Nightwretches did a good job in this match, taking out the Whelps; while holding up Madrak and the Fellcaller. Seether came into its own as well, just shame it had lost an arm already; as I so wanted a double handed throw :D As it was, this was my first ever Warmachine win (discounting Caz, as he forfeited). Seether, even with one arm; ripped Madrak apart.

Overall a great day, would have been nice to see more people coming to the event. Perhaps next time, the SoG Posse will ride into town.  Big thanks to all those that did turn up, was an interesting and informative day.  Looking forward to the next one up in Dundee in October.



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