Utter Disgrace

I had this notion, to post something about my trying to build a 15 pt Cryx army; for a contest on Saturday.  Then I get a tweet, which had an article that disgusted me, as well as made me ashamed to be British.

Days of Wonder is a small press games company, make board and card games.  Two of the British trash papers (The Sun and Daily Mail), printed an article; claiming this woman neglected her children and pets playing Small World.  The erroneous and blatantly lazy journalist, had failed to check their facts; so published that this woman was addicted to online gaming.  I’m sorry, didn’t I just mention they make board and card games?  Guess I took the two seconds needed to check my facts, visit the website of the company; before I even attempted to post anything.

Sadly these articles will keep appearing, the main reason being; it sells papers.  Journalists have deadlines, they have targets to meet; so they cut corners where ever they can.  Usually the first thing to go, is the facts.  I’ve seen it time and time again, stories written with either just a one sided view or totally missing anything resembling a fact; as has been the case here.

The expression, don’t believe everything you read; is more true now then ever before.  The media need to make money, so sensationalising a story is always the best way.   Irrespective of the damages it causes people, companies or those associated with them.


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