As the title says, I should perhap clarify my statements previously.  Being a gamer, or specifically a roleplayer; I am viewed by some as a minion of the devil for playing such evil.  I, on the other hand view those people with sadness and regret.

I say this, because since the 70’s roleplaying; specifically D&D at the time was ostrisized by certain religious organisations.  This was based on nothing more then a skewed view and misinformation, misinformation that was bluntly hypocritical.  I don’t believe in God or the Devil, they are fictional characters from a book of fables.  Just as the characters I play are fictional imaginings, I bring to life with my imagination and role-playing.

So how can they critisize me for the imagined worlds I play in, when they are doing exactly the same in reality?  The reality is, they can believe in whatever they want; as far as I am concerned.  If they want to believe that God is a 2 foot dwarf with blue skin and hairy feet; good on them.  However, when that belief puts people’s lives at risk; that is when I have a problem.  When people like Pastor Jones puts British and American troops lives in danger; he has gone too far.  He shouldn’t just be made to apologise, he should be prosecuted for Inciting a Riot, Racial Hatred and Culpable Homicide; should one soldier die because of his actions.  Religion is not a justification for these kinds of actions, it is an excuse for hatred and narrowmindedness.


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