Bigotry and Hypocrisy

Organised religion has to be the most destructive force on earth, its the reason for so much hatred and anger.

Here in Scotland, we are about to have a Papal visit; whether we as a nation actually want or care to have him visit.  With the scandal over child abuse, the Catholic Church had once again shown it is incapable of being held accountable for its actions.  So why should I as a Scot, want to have essentially a criminal organisation come to our country; at our expense.

Personally, he can visit here anytime he likes.  If he has so much faith in a spiritual being, that has frankly never physically been proven to exist; then he should come to Scotland like everyone else.  No pope-mobile, no police escorts; no government funding.  Let his faith, protect him from the hatred and anger that his organisation has built up around the world.

I have always believed in myself, I don’t need the emotional or spiritual crutch; that I believe religious people need due to insecurities within themselves.  God was put on this Earth, to appease the masses; during times of darkness and strife.  Strife, which was acutally caused by religion in most cases.

Some would say I am going to Hell for what I say here, frankly if there is a Hell; I won’t need to go far.  If things like this continue, Hell will be on my doorstep; whether I want it or not.  The recent idiocy of Pastor Jones, is indication of the world going to Hell in a Handbasket; but then I expect nothing less of some Southern States of America.  Perhaps its time to take the Bibles off them, for the safety of the whole world.


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