I would like to apologise to my fellow crew members of Shotgun or Grapple.  I had placed them in a position, that should never have happened.  My views are nothing to do with the podcast, so using imagery from the podcast on these pages gave the wrong impression; that I speak on behalf of SoG.

This is not and never will be the case, my views are my own; not those of any other member of SoG.  If you have a problem with things I say, then you have a problem with me personally; irrespective of who I may work for or be associated with.

Now in light of this, I will state not all religious people are as irresponsible as others.  They are quite happy praying in private, without fevour; brimstone and fire.  They don’t try to convert people or change people’s views to their own.  It is these people that I feel the most sorry for, they are tarred with the same brush as extremists; when all they want is peace just like those who don’t believe.


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