Brain Hurts

Before I get into why my brain hurts, I hope you have all listened to Ken’s interview. It was fun recording it, learning how he can be a little impulsive; but driven in everything he does. If you’ve not listened to it, then pop over to or get it from iTunes.

So why does my brain hurt? Well in the spirit of trying to share my hobby with my wife, I have been introducing her slowly with boardgames. Having won a copy of Talisman (, from Arcane Miniatures. So looking to test it, as well as review it (; my wife agreed to play it with me. As you will have seen, I was humiliated; by a non gamer of all people. Shamed, I vowed to gain revenge for my defeat; so I borrowed Tomb from Token Decrepit.

Suffice to say, Tomb is a little more in-depth; then Talisman. As it was, I did get revenge; but at the cost of confusing my poor wife. I can’t really claim victory, on the grounds of superior skills or talents. It was just a plain old case of I had played it before and she hadn’t. We might play it again, but I think Tomb really needs more then 2 players to be really enjoyable.

Anyway, its getting late; so I will bid you all good night.

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