Too Early

Its 8am on a sunny Sunday morning, so why am I sitting here posting something on my blog. Personally I’d say I was insane, but then I have known that for a long time. So it must be because I am getting ready to go to Lothian Gamers.

For the last 3+ years, I have been going to LG. I’ve played in many games over the years, I’ve even gm’d a couple; so what makes me keep going back. When a gamer finds a group like this, its like a drug; you don’t want to give it up as it gives you so much pleasure. No matter what is happening, Sunday (or whatever day you play) is always there waiting for you. You know what is coming, so the anticipation builds through the week until that day arrives. They say adult gamers are just kids that haven’t grown up, well I guess that shows a little of why.

So back to the present, with the sun shining on my face; prospects of some great roleplaying……so bring on the Dragon; I’m gonna kick your tail lizard lips!


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