What to do?

So what will my ramblings be about?  I guess they will be mostly thoughts that I don’t feel are part of the Shotgun or Grapple site.  Initially I thought it would be a good place to put my views on the gaming industry, why I love gaming and social commentries in general.

Think of it more as the private face of Token Diplomat, the one that you wouldn’t normally see (or hear) on the podcast.  So perhaps to start a little background on who I am.

I started gaming in high school, about the age of 13 – 14.  Red box D&D, was my first foray into roleplaying.  Sitting at lunchtime, rolling dice; seemed like the perfect way to spend an hour.  If I had known then, that this would lead me to being part of the industry; I think I would have run scared.

Roleplaying on and off through my teenage years, trying systems like Rolemaster.  Rolemaster despite it’s assumed complexity, was the first system I ever bought.  From there it was a switch to wargaming in Edinburgh, playing the likes of DBA and Battletech.

Up to the present, I am playing more games then I have done in all my life.  Weekly games at Lothian Games, Warmachine and occasionally L5R CCG.  So does that leave me time for the podcast, evidently so; as I am writing this blog as well now.  I don’t think that I have had as much fun with gaming, as I am having right this moment.  I am getting to meet and talk to so many great people, both in the industry and players of the games they create.  The one thing that always sticks in my mind though, is the sense of community about the gaming.  We all have one goal, no matter how we do that; we all just want to enjoy and have fun.


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