Bumpers and Interludes

We are still a new podcast, so having to do everything ourselves is a lot of hard work. Some things are beyond us completely, because we don’t have the skills. One of those things is musical bumpers between segments, heck we don’t even have a Shotgun or Grapple intro.

I got to wondering, would there be some kind soul out there in the interwebz; be willing to make us something like that. In these days of ‘every man for him/herself’, they aren’t going to do it for free. So what could a gaming podcast offer these people?

It also brings up the question of, what feel do we want the show to have. Do we go for the Scottish/Celtic connection? We are wanting to be best UK podcast, so that wouldn’t be good for that image. How about Heavy Metal, something that a lot of gamers like? Its too diverse a genre to cater to everyone. Perhaps something relating to gaming? Rush have a great song called Roll the Bones, which is what most games involve. I know, what chance do we have of having Rush allow us to use the song……but as my wise mum said; if you don’t ask you’ll never have an answer.

Guess I will just have to learn an instrument, that way I could do it myself.


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